Listen Up®

The Game That Turns 

Strangers Into Family


Are you looking for a fun way to connect and build deeper relationships with your friends and family?

Do you want to discover things about your loved ones that you would have NEVER thought to ask?

Created by The Kindness Collective, Listen Up™ is a unique conversational board game that tests your listening skills and inspires deeper connections between friends and family. Packaged into a compact and easy-to-play game with over 250 questions and activities, ranging from deep and meaningful to light-hearted and fun, Listen Up is guaranteed to reveal untold stories, heartfelt moments, and plenty of laughs with those closest to you!

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I bought this game for my daughter and we played it as a family. It was great to get to know my kids even better and a good way for my girlfriend and kids to get to know each other. It makes it easy to connect with people and open up more than you would normally with small talk.


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Currently, we have Listen Up events being held on the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. If you're keen to host an event in your town and help to bring your local community together, please get in touch with us today!