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Listen Up Board Game, The Kindness Collective


The Kindness Collective was founded on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland in 2016, with a mission to connect the local community through free health and wellbeing events, and address mental health issues associated with loneliness and social isolation.

It began as a means of assisting those who may be going through a difficult time in their lives, struggling with anxiety, depression, or loneliness. In these states, we often find ourselves stuck in thought patterns that tell us we are not enough, that nobody cares, and that we are alone in life. These same thoughts may ignite feelings of shame that stop us from being vulnerable, opening up to our friends and strangers, and from even seeing the loving communities that surround us.

The Kindness Collective, in bringing together thousands of open-hearted residents of the local community through a variety of events, aims not only to inspire moments of joy, but to remind people that kindness, love and support exists everywhere, and that to ask for help is a strength, not a weakness.

To learn more, visit www.kindnesscollective.com.au


After more than three years of being face-to-face with members at events, our next project — LISTEN UP — allows us to spread our mission even further. 


This uplifting tabletop board game provides a light-hearted way for people to share their stories, celebrate life and the variety of experiences it holds, and to be a source of support and comfort for those around them, be it their friends, family, or community. The movement aims to shift the foundations of how we communicate to create a culture where openness and vulnerability are celebrated so people can feel a greater connection to those around them. 


Our objective now is to place this game and the message it holds into every household, classroom, and community in Australia. Our belief is that when we learn to listen, and truly hear the stories of those around us, we can build relationships based on compassion, respect, and understanding. In turn, that will address not only mental health issues driven by disconnection, but also create open and loving environments that reduce issues of bullying and domestic violence. 


Wherever you are, we hope this game can be a valuable resource for fun, wholesome entertainment and connection amongst those closest to you. 


Thank you for being a part of the Listen Up movement. 


With gratitude, 


The Kindness Collective 

"An entertaining party game for those who appreciate deeper conversation. Full of laughs, interesting stories, and playful competition."

Bronwyn (24)
Restaurant Manager

"This will be a great game for schools and youth centres. It provides a really light-hearted way for kids to deepen relationships with their friends and family, and ensure they feel comfortable reaching out when its needed."

Jacinta (35)
Youth and Community Engagement - Headspace

"What a refreshing game! I played this with a group of students and found that the depth that the youth were willing to go to engage was extraordinary! A fantastic game and amazing tool to get to know your friends and family, to help peel back the layers in a fun and interactive way. I want to play again!"

Lisa (36)


"The first time I played this game was with 8 complete strangers, though after moving around the board we quickly got to know each other well. I’m still in touch with many of them today thanks to Listen Up!"

Sarah (27)
Travel Writer

"Fabulous game. Fantastic initiative. Listen Up promotes vulnerability with an uplifting vibe that makes it fun to share and learn from others."

Liz (55)


"I was one of the “lucky” players that got ‘Stuck in a Rut’, and to get rescued my family had to share something positive me about me and I also had to say something nice about myself. It was a really touching moment, and a fantastic game."

Rhonda (63)


In order to reach out to as many people and communities as possible with Listen Up, we're offering you the opportunity to become a facilitator and affiliate in your region.



1. Receive a discounted price for purchasing multiple copies of Listen Up.

2. Find a location and host Free or Donation-Based Listen Up Community Events in your region. Let us know and we will happily promote your event on The Kindness Collective Facebook page.

3. We'll give you a unique code to pass on to your attendees. Those who purchase the game using your code will receive $5 off their total price and you will also receive $10 for every game sold.

Together, we can help to connect communities throughout Australia and reduce the health impact of loneliness and social isolation, while hopefully assisting you financially towards your own community-building endeavours.


For more info, contact us today at info@kindnesscollective.com.au

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