Please follow these instuctions in order to achieve maximum fun playing Listen Up!
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The first thing that you will see when you start a game is the round identifier. This tells you the current round. Tap "play" to begin. You will be given three choices of sounds to record. Each one earns a certain number of mics based on the level of difficulty associated with the sound. After choosing your sound, the Tape Deck will appear on the screen.

Sound Strength
At the top of the Tape Deck is the recording level monitor. While recording, you can monitor the sound strength of your recording by watching the line. The louder your noise is, the higher the bar will climb.

Current Mics
You will also see an indicator of how many mics you currently have in a small white box appearing at the bottom of the Sound Strength portion of the Tape Deck.

Recording Time
You have 5 seconds to record the sound for your opponent to guess. As you are recording, the timer will show you how much time you have left. If you don't like your recording, you can always re-record.

There are two red dots just benearth the Recording Time box. To make the game funnier, the first two flubbed attempts by you in trying to record your sound (a "gaffe") will be available to your opponent to hear. Sometimes, hearing a gaffe will actually help in correctly guessing the sound. The red dots will turn green if you have recorded a sound and then rejected it. Only the first two gaffes are saved for your opponent to hear.

To start recording your sound, tap the Record button. The cassette tape will begin to turn as you are recording and the Recording Time will begin to count backwards. At the end of 5 seconds, the cassette tape will stop turning. At that point, you have four options: Replay, Trash, Submit or Home. Tapping Replay will cause the cassette tape to rewind so you can listen to your recording before deciding if you want to keep it. Tapping Trash will delete your current recording (and create a gaffe for the first two attempts). Tapping Submit will submit your sound to your opponent for guessing and take you back to the Main Menu. Tapping Home will cancel the current recording session and take you back to the Main Menu.

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Replay Mode
If you are in the middle of a game with another player and have gotten past the first round, the first thing that you will see is a replay of what your opponent did when listening to the last sound you recorded and had sent to him or her. The upper-left hand corner of the screen will show you the round you are watching and it will say, "You are watching ____ guess the word ____." Press watch to see the replay. Note that you will be watching exactly what your opponent did while trying to guess your sound. You will hear your sound, you will see if your opponent used the Hint, and you will see your opponent trying to type the correct word. If, at any time, you wish to exit out of the replay mode, simply hit the "x" in the upper-right hand corner.

Guessing mode
When you see "Play", it is your turn to guess your opponent's sound. The top of the screen will show you the current round as well as remind you which opponent you are playing the particular game with. Tap "play" to continue".
In the guessing mode, the Tape Deck looks similar to the Tape Deck in the recording mode, with a couple of exceptions:
The Sound Strength monitor is replaced with the guessing window. This is where the letters for the word corresponding to the sound you are trying to guess will appear. Note that one letter is automatically supplied by us. Aren't we nice?!

Tap the Play button to hear the sound your opponent recorded. You can listen to the recording as many times as you like.

Tap Hint to reveal a picture that is a hint. Note that the Hint is not supposed to give away the answer. It is a vague hint. You still need to rely primarily on your listening skills to guess the right answer. But, the clue should help point you in the right direction. Hints cost 1 mic per use. There is only one Hint per word. If you tap on Hint, the cassette deck will open up and a clue will pop out. When you are done, tap the "x" in the upper-right hand corner and the Hint will disappear.

While guessing the letters in a word, if you want to clear all of the letters, tap this button.

If this button is grey, that means that your opponent did not "trash" any of his or her recordings before sending one to you. In other words, your opponent was satisfied with his or her first attempt at recording a sound and sent it to you. If, on the other hand, the button is not grey, this means that there may be one or two flubbed recordings that you can listen to. Sometimes, these are very funny, because your opponent was trying to figure out how to come up with a good recording. Other times, you may find that listening to a gaffe actually helps you guess the correct answer. Listening to gaffes does not cost any mics.

Answer (keyboard symbol)
Tapping the Answer button brings up a board with all of the letters that you will need to complete the correct answer. There are also some additional letters included that are not needed. You didn't think we were going to spoon-feed you, did you?! Tap the letter you wish to appear in the word. As you tap a letter, it will appear in the next open spot in the word. If you make a mistake and wish to remove a letter, simply tap that letter (in the answer board that popped up) and it will disappear. You can also tap the Clear button to clear all letters. As you use a letter, it will be greyed out. If the same letter appears multiple times in the correct answer, there will be sufficent numbers of that letter for you to use. If you input the letters for the correct answer, the game will automatically advance. If you do not, you will be prompted to try again.

If you simply give up, tap the Pass button and the game will advance. The current round will re-set to 1. On the screen that allows you to continue playing, the correct answer that you should have guessed will scroll across the screen.

Tap the Susie Soundmaster button if you think your opponent's sound is worthy of recognition. If you nominate your opponent's sound, both you and your opponent will be eligible for Listen Up! prizes. One nominated sound per week will be selected by Susie Soundmaster as the weekly winner. Both the recorder and the nominator will get a shout out on the Listen Up! Facebook page and Twitter page. Of the 4 weekly winners, one will be selected as the monthly winner. If the sound you nominated wins, both you and the recorder will receive official Listen Up! t-shirts! What could be better than that?! Note that when you nominate a sound, the sound is attached to an e-mail on your device and you need to tap "send" to send it to Susie Soundmaster for consideration. Be sure to tap "send" so that Susie Soundmaster receives your nomination.

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There are 8 options on the Main Menu for the free version of the app and 7 options for the paid version of the app. They are the following:
  • Create a Game
    This is how to create a game
    (see more below).
  • Current Games
    This is the main window into your active
    games (see more below)
  • Find Friends
    Invite your friends from Facebook to play
    with you!
  • Shop
    This is where you can purchase additional
    microphones (mics) (see more below). In
    the future, you will also be able to purchase
    additional sound packs using this option.
  • App Store
    In the free version of the app, tap this button
    to purchase the paid version. Ads do not
    appear in the paid version of the app. Aside
    from the that, the games are identical.
  • Help
    Displays these instructions.
  • Information (the "i" icon)
    This displays information on the brains
    behind this hilarious app!
  • Settings (the small cog icon)
    This is where settings for the app can be
    adjusted (see more below).
  • Total Mics
    To the right of the Create a Game sub-menu,
    you will see the total number of mics you have
    earned (less any used to buy things in the

You can create a game by finding an opponent on Facebook, by an opponent's username on Listen Up!, by your friend's e-mail address or by picking a random opponent.

Select this option and you will be directed to Facebook where you can invite any of your Facebook friends to play the game.

The shop menu is where you buy mics. The shop will also offer the opportunity to purchase additional sound packs in the future. Mics are earned during gameplay depending on the level of difficulty that you and your opponents select for a given round. If your opponent records a sound with a mic value of three mics and you correctly guess your opponent's sound, you will both earn 3 mics. Mics can be used to "purchase" clues during gameplay (see more below).

Displays these instructions.

This menu displays information about AppSLAW, LLC, the creators of Listen Up! along with additional information about the company that programmed Listen Up!

The settings menu has 6 selections from which to choose:
  • Sound on/off
    This allows you to turn the sound off in the app. This only relates to additional sounds that the app makes, not the sound of any recording that is part of a particular game.
  • Account
    This allows you to change your username, e-mail address or password.
  • My picture
    This shows you the current profile picture that you have uploaded.
  • Upload profile picture
    This allows you to upload a profile picture. You can change your profile picture at any time by uploading a new picture.
  • Feedback
    This allows you to send us an e-mail. Please take the time to rate our app in the App Store. Your ratings mean a lot to us!
  • Logout
    This will log you out of the app completely. If you select this option, you will need to re-enter your account details before playing again.